Naloxone Saves Lives!

Since April 2017, Inspire have trained and provided Naloxone Kits for 1217 people across Lancashire, including service users, family members/friends and professionals.  That is potentially 1217 lives saved!  But why is Naloxone so important? 

“I have been a heroin user for years and never really overdosed, but recently I bought some gear from my local dealer and used the same amount as I usually would – I always inject a bag a time into my arms and have always been fine. Last week I bought a bag from the same person and injected it how I usually would, nothing was done differently. This day I overdosed, my boyfriend said that I started to go blue, my breathing was shallow and raspy and I was totally unresponsive, he couldn’t even get me to wake up by shaking me or shouting my name!

Luckily me and my boyfriend had a Naloxone kit that we got from Inspire – the training to get the kit only took 15 minutes and we were both shown how to use the kit; taught to call the ambulance straight away, how to put someone into the recovery position, put the needle onto the syringe, how much to inject and where to inject it into the muscle of the person that has gone over. My boyfriend used Naloxone on me and saved my life, I came around with the Naloxone and the ambulance arrived and looked after me until I was well enough to go home.

This all happened without me even thinking about overdose – I used the same as I usually would from the same person I usually buy heroin from. It has made me realise that you never know what you’re taking or the strength of it, even if you think you are safe you might not be. Go to your local drug service and get a Naloxone kit – it might save your life just like it did mine!”

Training and Naloxone kits are available free at Inspire – call in today for yours!

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