A needle and syringe program (NSP) is a social policy based on the philosophy of harm reduction where injecting drug users can obtain clean and safe injecting equipment.  The aim of Inspire’s needle syringe program are to reduce the damage associated with using unsterile  or contaminated injecting equipment to prevent the spread of blood borne viruses (Hepatitis B, C and HIV)

The promotion of safer injecting practice forms a cornerstone of needle and syringe provision but also of other community interventions. Individuals can be given harm reduction advise and seek support from a confidential service regarding keeping themselves safe whilst engaging in injecting practices.

The needle syringe program also offers support to injecting steroid users to promote safe and controlled use. A safe and non-judgemental environment provides education and knowledge to steroid users to ensure risks associated are being minimised.

Our dedicated harm reduction worker support individuals in the community and also promotes our safe use ethos in local gyms and services where such steroid use may be at a higher level. Used equipment can be disposed of safely at our sight in Blackburn and also at a number of our partnership gyms in the local area.

By joint working with pharmacies in the local area we continue to promote safe substances use and safer injecting to all to ensure that we are keeping our local community safe and protected.

Support offered within our needle syringe program:

  • To reduce drug related harm to the individual and wider community, including reducing harms associated with use of substances across the life course – whilst improving wellbeing by tapping into, and facilitating access into  community resources available
  • To promote healthier life styles and enable service users to improve their own health and wellbeing.
  • Ensure BBV screening and Hepatitis B vaccinations are comprehensively delivered
  • To promote and support individuals into both abstinence based and medically assisted forms of recovery
  • Facilitating Needle syringe program
  • Naloxone  training and distribution
  • Performance and image enhancing drugs (PIED’s)
  • Increasing partnership working and improving the knowledge with Pharmacy staff
  • Harm reduction education, awareness and prevention training
  • Smoking cessation advice, linkage and other health related support (IE – sexual health)
  • Increasing the availability and use of  relevant Digital initiatives


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