We ensure that all our clients are fully aware of all detox options available to them at any stage during their journey of recovery.

Detox Pods

Clinical staff, case coordinators and Peer Mentors provide motivational and educational workshops supporting for clients working towards in-patient or community detoxification as part of their recovery journey. This prepares clients psychologically, emotionally and practically for future detox. Detox preparation increases the chances on long term success.

Community Detox

We believe medical and clinical treatment is only a small part of the entire detox package. Our Recovery Coordinators highlight the importance of accessing support at all stages of detox including “preparation”, “during” and “aftercare”. We provide:

  • Specialist guidance on planning and support during a community detox to service users, family/carers and GPs
  • All community detox programmes include easy access to mutual aid support in your local community or online where you can connect with others who have been there

Inpatient Detox

For service users who do not meet the criteria for a community detox, our clinicians and case coordinators will assess and discuss with the client the referral options for an Inpatient Detoxification programme.

Our Inpatient Detox Pods also include a full package. Detoxes are fully funded by Public Health with no costs to clients.

Residential Rehab

We believe that Residential Rehabilitation is an integral part of any drug treatment system, and a vital option for some people requiring treatment for drug dependence.

There are many different types of residential rehabs available. They differ widely in terms of their philosophy, intensity, inclusion criteria, programme content and length of stay. The most common factor is that residents have to stay overnight to receive treatment, and are expected to be abstinent or have successfully completed a detox before they start the rehab programme.

Rehabs offer structured programmes that may include psychosocial interventions, individual and group therapy, education and training, and social and domestic skills. We believe that anyone who needs it should have easy access to rehabilitation, whether this is close to home or further away.

We work closely with Social Workers from the Blackburn with Darwen Council Substance Misuse team in assessing your eligibility for Residential Rehabilitation, and in supporting you to choose the rehab which is right for you. Depending on your individual situation, there may be some fees to pay for accessing Residential Rehabilitation. This will be clearly explained during your assessment.

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