Government guidelines have recently changed and now the recommended weekly limit is 14 units for both men and women. Calculate your own units from the chart above, or use our alcohol screening tool.

It is recommended to have 3 alcohol free days each week, drink soft drinks in between alcohol drinks and don’t drink in rounds – why not use one of our downloadable drink diaries to keep track of your alcohol intake

If you are a dependent drinker, when trying to reduce your alcohol intake it is important that you do this gradually, and try and reduce a maximum of 2-3 units every 2-3 days. Inspire offer alcohol specific groups, and can also offer alcohol detoxes if required which are supported by one of our nursing team.


Why not use DrinksMeter, which is an app that will help you calculate your unit intake, as well as calories from alcohol. Reach the app by following this link: http://www.drinksmeter.com/

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