The benefits of delivering IBA within primary care settings has been extensively researched and is well evidenced (Poikolainen 1999, Kaner et al 2007) . The Drinks Meter was developed in response to identifying competing clinical priorities, limited time and resources as barriers to successful implementation of IBA in clinical settings (Thom et al 2014)

The Drinks Meter addresses these challenges by offering a solution to the delivery of IBA that is not dependent upon clinician time and that can be used opportunistically as well as part of face to face consultations.

Who should it be offered to?

Those at risk of excessive alcohol consumption for example those over the age of 45 years and those working in high risk industries

Those where excessive alcohol consumption may impact on treatment efficacy and disease progression for example those with diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, obesity, people who have recently attended Accident and Emergency or sexual health clinics and all smokers.

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