Mentoring with Inspire Peer mentors and peer advocates provide a positive role model and active support for others just starting out in their road to recovery, helping individuals to consider their options and supporting them to achieve their goals.

The empathy and understanding that peer mentors have gained through their own experiences can help them win the trust of service users and encourage them to sustain their commitment to change.

Our peer mentor and peer advocacy training programmes for stable and former service users provide opportunities for personal development and growth and provide career pathways for individuals with a history of substance misuse and criminal behaviour.

For further information, please contact our Peer Mentor Coordinator Mel O’Neil Telephone: 07827 230918

Service User Involvement

Service user involvement at inspire consists of attending Community meetings, which take place on a weekly basis. This enables the service users voice to become a vital part of the design and delivery of service at inspire, and within the locality. SU reps report the value of attending the meeting, stating that this process embeds the belief and trust that their voices are truly heard. It creates a community within the service and is inclusive of family members. Service user reps are involved in the service at every level. From Audits to the creation of recreational activities and sports. Ensuring that recovery is more than just treatment, and that service users are a part of the decision making process.

Peer Mentors

Peer mentors at Inspire are crucial to the provision of support to service users, as they are the experts by experience, they are recruited and provided with an intensive training package consisting of a level 2 diploma qualification, developing qualities such as proactivity, flexibility, enthusiasm, leadership and empathy. Their support is without parallel to service users and provides opportunities for them to gain training education and employment in the field

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